ORA! Durex community website

Ora! Is the fantastic new community website from Durex, the world’s favourite condom brand.

Shoot the Company are delighted to have contributed to the development and launch of this web-forum, where adults can discuss and learn about all matters sexual.

Click the logo above to see our films in situ on the new myora.com website.

PEB in 24 hours please!

As reported by The BBC, The Times and The Guardian yesterday, Shoot the Company didn’t get much sleep at the weekend. The Conservatives wanted a Party Election Broadcast produced from scratch in just 24 hours, so it was off to David Cameron’s house on Sunday afternoon and out with the red bull for an all night edit. The film was shown on Newsnight on Monday whilst we were catching up on our sleep – click on the screen grab to take a look.


As many of you will have read in today’s Guardian Newspaper or seen on the BBC 6 o’clock news , the Department of Government Waste has today been celebrating over 13 years of effective waste maximisation. Please click on the logo above to see Shoot the Company’s film made in conjunction with the DOGW and broadcast this evening on the BBC.


Shoot the Company are delighted to have become a Centrepoint Room Sponsor.

For just £12 a month you can change the life of a homeless young person by helping to provide a safe and warm room for the night. Centrepoint also provide counselling and help with drug or alcohol problems and education and training opportunities, giving young people the confidence and skills they need to change their lives for good.

Our resident is called Faith and we will keep you posted on her development – Please click on The Centrepoint logo to sign-up to what we think is a fantastically brilliant scheme.

Food Glorious Food

Shoot the Company have been back in the kitchen again this week, producing 20 films for the Premier Foods website. Click on the logo above and when the films “go-live” you can feast your eyes.

From banana brulee to steak and ale pie, presenter Jo Sinnott guides us through a menu of “great little ideas” to make mealtimes more fun using some of Britain’s best-loved brands. It was a Production of firsts for Shoot the Company; we learnt how to make jelly spaghetti with chocolate sauce and our fantastic production co-ordinator Veronica even learnt how to caramalise onions. The onions made the cut and Veronica now has ambitions to have an on-screen cook-off with another Shoot the Company client, Gordon Ramsay.

It’s Alive… Alive!!

It’s here, you’re here, we’re here. Welcome to the all new Shoot the Company website – brought to life today.

You can now watch a selection of our films at a larger, high definition size and you can even click the button on the new player bar to watch our films full screen for a richer experience! There’s even a new film featuring us – but it might be advisable not to watch that one full size due to the ravages of the ageing process.

Our photos were taken by our great friend and colleague Adam Scourfield – please click here to see more of his fantastic work. There are also links to follow us on You Tube, Facebook and Linked In.

We will be bringing you the latest Shoot news as and when it happens, so keep coming back to see what we’ve been up to.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new site, so please click ‘Comment’ below to leave your feedback here or simply drop us a line at films@shootthecompany.com