Shoot the Company hit the headlines again

Shoot the Company hit the headlines again – The Independent and the Daily Mirror today ran sections of our film in their reports about a potential new oral MS treatment.

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Our film for drugs company Novartis also secured major coverage of the story on the ITN 10’o’clock news and BBC Breakfast.

Coming soon….

Coming soon (no pun intended) to a web browser near you is ORA! the fantastic new community website from the world’s favourite condom brand, Durex. Shoot the Company are delighted to have contributed to the development and launch of this web-forum, where adults can discuss and learn about all matters sexual. If you are a broad-minded adult, click on the logo above and when the site is live you will be able to see our films in situ. You might even want to post a confession.

We’re lovin’ it

A new decade and a major new client for Shoot the Company. We’re very pleased to have started working with McDonald’s Europe in January 2010, sending a four man crew to Portugal to make a short film about their Lisbon conference. It will be a late night for the team as we start filming on the Thursday morning and the film will be shown to close the conference at 2pm on the Friday! It’s for internal use only this film, so if you want to see it you’ll have to apply for a job with our friends at McDonald’s Europe.