Shoot the Company was founded in 2006 by Tom Hillier and Henry Wilks with a clear sense of purpose; to take unscripted, documentary style filmmaking to the online and corporate worlds.

Founded at the beginning of the online video revolution, (the year after YouTube), we have grown and developed as our clients have become increasingly ambitious with the films they commission for online and traditional broadcast.

Shoot the Company Story

Two of our first commissions involved filming polar explorers and shooting heroic people battling against the odds set the tone for many of our films. Telling the stories of individuals or groups who strive to make a difference is something we have always loved doing.

As we have grown we have built a team dedicated to bringing the best out of people on screen, telling their stories in their own words and shining a light on the issues that matter to them. Filming from New Caledonia to California, and all places in between, we combine the permanent team in our London office with brilliant freelancers across the world to make beautiful films with powerful stories.

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We recently turned 15 and this made us reflect on how we have evolved as a company. We thought the best person to help shed light on our journey was our first ever client, Kate Bosomworth, founder of Platform and KTB PR. We journeyed to deepest Sussex to interview Kate and she was full of insights, including telling us we have to throw a massive party, so watch this space.


To celebrate turning 15 we launched our 15K for 15 competition, giving a fund of £15,000 to a talented filmmaker under 25 to make a film that matters to them. The winner is filmmaker and artist Amber Akaunu who wanted to make a film about the story of the oldest Black community in Europe in her hometown of Liverpool, through the lens of rap. It has been a joy for our team to work with Amber and help make her brilliant film 0151: Liverpool, Rap & Politics.


Our Culture


We rely on a broad team with wide and varied backgrounds in TV broadcast and branded content creation. This enables us to strike the balance between stunning visuals and clear messaging.


We aim to support up and coming content creators, people who are passionate about their idea and wants to get their foot into the industry.


Interested in joining our team on a full-time basis or want to work with us as a freelancer. We are always looking to develop new relationships.


Accessibility is important to us. If you have any feedback on how we can improve our accessibility we would love to hear from you.


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